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/s4s/ drawthread

By Anonymous | Updated 03/10/23(Fri)10:09:56

/s4s/ drawthread

Can we have a drawthread?

time to use my limited faculties of artistry on a tablet..

Your fortune: Very Bad Luck
>>10664211 >>10664231
stay away from them pacmans y'all -the void
art anons: how do I make the piss look more pissier
use public washroom colors
kek me and who??? :)))
Keksandra funny
add steam coming from the piss
this is nice migu
draw /jp/ :D The reason why s4s draw threads are empty is because they can't draw for shit

Your fortune: Better not tell you now
ur drawing is cute
bury is DERPY
or maybe someone is eating her bury pussy (bussy) under the dress? :3
THIS IS CUTE someone get her a glass of water
Evil >>10667184
i love your art, it's like she's opened a portal straight into h*ck and fr*ck
are you taking requests fren
I’m pretty busy but if you want you can tell me what you want me to draw and if i have time i’ll try and get to it :)
keksandra meeting some girl avengers!
very nice. in an ebil way of corse hahaha
Bump for our CREATIVE FRENNNNNS >>10664211

Your fortune: ( ´_ゝ`)フーン
beary >>10667793
Earthchan beary...

Your fortune: Average Luck
this is nice board

Your fortune: You will meet a dark handsome stranger
looool you are definitely conveying thoughts which is better than i can do

Your fortune: キタ━━━━━━(゚∀゚)━━━━━━ !!!!
lil fella
he needs a name
Name it Asuka!
Quick sketch lol Keksandra's cute soft feet you are creeping her out >>10669260
*puts hands on breasts*
so bouncy and squishy~ can i kiss your nipples??
this artist cool I like the milfsandra and funkinsandraa he drawed
you should draw more of the bury and keksandra lood threesome because your epic
Draw Rumia eating cabbage!! Please! >>10669528
no lewd on drawthread
don’t worry there is a /i/ thread where lewd is not rude
bump! >>10670423 >>10668899
I love the Asuka
hmmm rumia looks funny
today i will phonepost at the library >>10672642
bury booba in my face~
this is nice pose
Keksandra is cute and needs more animu waifus to love >>10672642
this is so good!
>>10670423 >>10672961
keksandra fangirling mako like mako fangirling ryuko
PLEASE can somebody draw me an ankylosaurus thanks!! >>10669260
>Hey mister
ain’t that mister mister on the radio
the way you lole ain’t fair yknow
prosperity to all I wishe the yknowfren who drew tights girl came back :( cool thread >>10673350
very cool draw and funnee too :)
>>10674029 >>10672500
unchecked doubles on page 10!
family guy dad from memory
does keksandra have derpy eyes bump >>10675689
I want to get good at doodling day 1.
I want to emulate Tsukumizu's style.
What to draw next?
that's very good
Thank you. I guess I'll try and get good at doodling mechanical complexities. I'll try and draw this today.
i drew dis recently it is keksandra as ghost sitting on floating chair sorr y the image quality i sbad i didnt wanna retake the phot >>10676774
wow your arts cute..
>>10676777 >>10676777
wow your tripps are cutes...
Wow. never draw again
lol what a klutz >>10676815
i will never stop drawing fuck you fuck YOU FUCK YOUF CUKC YOU FUCK YO UFC KYJOIUF CIODSHGF
At least take lessons or something heh
Put my finger on the bridge of my nose. >>10676861
very creative
you’re so dumb keksandra *takes your shoes* learn to walk
these colors are very nice, and the brushes too! nicely done seuss :)
draw her getting punched really friggin hard in the tummy and it takes the wind out of her
no nudity pls
Seconding this
>>10677322 (dubs)
You’re on the wrong board
your mom
You mum is on my board. She says it's the right one.
no bumpos? >>10664211
sure, why not
Melon requesting /jp/ and keksandra doing the my little sister can’t be this cute anime pose and /jp/ is doing the crossed arms >>10678363
I hope Chiyo is alright...

Your fortune: Bad Luck
I too remember the slamo incident
mickersandra sings a soothing melody in your ear

Your fortune: Reply hazy, try again
well Im glad at least somebody enjoys my doodles
your draws are awesome
she has no nose so there is no more slamo
111 replies in speciel thread
Iwant to patpat her head and play with her haire
>she has no nose
that can be arranged
what if keksandra
*honk honk*

Your fortune: Bad Luck
jewish keksandra full res when?

Your fortune: Excellent Luck
two same numbers!
I don't feel like drawing the rest.
off by one

Your fortune: キタ━━━━━━(゚∀゚)━━━━━━ !!!!
why did she fall naked is the real question

Your fortune: Outlook good
Incomprehensible, nonsensical.
She's been drawn to look beaten up and it's the worst porn up on the board right now and the janitors are fucking sickos for leaving it up and encouraging the rats who like such terrible things
geez get a life anon
I bought a program to paint, I will try it tonight >>10680383
Get another board. You people are beyond lewd, crude and rude.
I miss the old s4s
holy fuck boo hoo nigga
checked ehe
Go back to your board, nigga
the jannies are responsible for striping and beating keksandra until she dropped unconscious? what a bunch of assholes

Your fortune: ( ´_ゝ`)フーン
dubs of evil jannys
watch them delete this post to try and save their arses
what are you talking about she said she fell and keksandra doesn’t lie you are horrible for implying that :(
i drew this tiny cloppy >>10680454
hoh ohoohoo wow
i remember a drawing of keksandra like this but it wasn’t gory it was cartoony and funny
whatever the cause she needs hugs and kisses until her wounds heal up all better :))

Your fortune: Outlook good
extra fluffy keky cuz i got no ideas >>10680758
would you like ideas
Trips check, ma'am
I got ideas
unfriendly trips
:( i wanted to offer ideas
>>10680777 (trips)
sure, go ahead
kekky if she went to england
kekky if she went to balkans
kekky if she went to australia
kekky if she went to brazil
idk keksandra should visit countries with cool meme culture
wait if she goes to brazil then
what a nice clopphy
fluffy keksandra is love <3
fluffysandras with long fluffy pigtails are flufftastic
but it's soooo o fuunny
>>10680900 (dubs)
i cant come with anything with this fren, maybe something else, but i will keep it on mind if anything comes up :(
>>10681477 (dubs)
smoochy smoochable lips muak
this is the fine art of the thread
a girl approaches you, you notice the device on her hand, she's trying to prank you, but you know she forgot to wear a glove to conceal the device, do you still pity her and shake her hand? >>10682367
haha I’ll help her
*unzips dick*
Is her skin red?

be careful. Bury Ebil has been known to cut those off
/jp/ wearing top kek hat and holding topkek with spikedog on her shoulder (she lives on our board now so that /v/ can’t get her and she is going to do her best to integrate in her new environment)
stop whining dumb nigger lover "nigga"
I ended playing mmo but here is the final product. I'm not sure how it will go with another style
yeess, her skin is a bright red
keksandra if she 70s blaxploitation
keksandra ponytails should be BIG and FLUFFY
they should stick out and flop down so you can flip them up and down like tassels
looooole topkek yamero >>10684970
cool and expressive draw!
i wish they stepped on me :)
mushroom bug girle the cockatiel

Your fortune: Bad Luck
oooooooo pretty
cute an dubbly!
nothing I draw is moe enough
i hate it
anon i simply refuse to believe that's tru
I think your drawing is VERY moe <3
why keksandra sade
what a silly drawering <3
lebbon (dubs) is so handsome
Guys my daughter drew a spikedog.
Please say something nice.
she has horns
confidence supreme
spikes* (nice dubs)
This is lebensraum for pure Aryan Arachnids.
Inspects OUT
That’s not a spikedog. That’s a succubus’ sex toy
bogos binted >>10688237
omori referential

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