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By Anonymous | Updated 03/10/24(Sun)01:22:57


Your fortune: キタ━━━━━━(゚∀゚)━━━━━━ !!!!

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Birthday Cat

By Anonymous | Updated 03/29/24(Fri)18:11:28

Birthday Cat

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[s4s] OC Albume 33 - RELEASE THREAD + ????? RADIO BROADCAST?!

By Free BIRD | Updated 04/01/24(Mon)09:45:17

Happy birthday, [s4s]! It has been 11 amazing years, and we have so much to show for it!
and even more hilarious situations than even a professional stick shaker could shake a stick at!

But it goes deeper than that. [s4s] has also been an inspiration to many people who are otherwise confused or outcast by society. It has helped people embrace their hobbies, pursue their goals, or finally talk to that stinky amine griller in they're socio-economics class. We have broken through philosophical hierarchies and forged the path toward inspirational new epochs in human thought and emotion. We have brazenly pursued memetics to the point of losing ourselves, only to find out reflections in the bottom of a pit we thought endless. We have learned the dichotomy of niceness, the fallacy of rudeness, and in all have become more well-rounded and exceptional individuals merely due to this board's existence.

Most importantly, we are all still here :^) so while we're here, let's enjoy some MUSICE!!

First of all, today marks the release of [s4s] OC Albume 33, CHECK EM'! This albume has 103 potent tracks which are sure to get your feeties wigglin'! Expect a radio show this weekend, or download your very own copy TODAY from:


Famous poster Anonymous has put together a compilation of the BEST music from albumes 1-30, and we will be streaming that new compilation LIVE today on [s4s]!
Tune in:
or download:

We are SO excited to participate in this monumental occasion, and can't WAIT to spend this most worthy birthday with each and every one of you. Let's make this the best birthday ever! Keksandra deserves the highest praise, and who better to grant her wish than the beautiful denizens of nice board [s4s]!?!

Your fortune: You will meet a dark handsome stranger

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Why no venice threads lately?

By Anonymous | Updated 04/07/24(Sun)03:04:21

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Let's try to get 5 same fortunes in a row!

By Yuji Sakai | Updated 04/07/24(Sun)12:27:45

Let's try to get 5 same fortunes in a row!
(type fortune in the Options field)

Your fortune: Good news will come to you by mail

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Will Draw 4 Frens

By Grubula | Updated 04/08/24(Mon)06:34:30

Write it down and ill VERY poorly draw it. (SFW but some gore is okay)

Halo frens! Im back for a bit, I've been away for a long time due to life being rather confusing but I can't sleep and I wish to make some people happy so I'm gonna do a couple of drawing (like three to five). I wish I could do everyone but I don't have the time. Im sorry if they're not very good I'm incredibly rusty. I did miss doing these so I'll try doing them as often as life allows me. Also remember to take care of yourself, be as snug as a bug in a rug!

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By Anonymous | Updated 04/09/24(Tue)00:36:43

Examples (English words)
carat and caret
carrot and karat
rain, reign and rein
road and rode
dye and die
right, rite, wright and write
homophone (plural homophones)

(semantics) A word which is pronounced the same as another word but differs in spelling or meaning or origin.
A letter or group of letters which are pronounced the same as another letter or group of letters.
Usage notes
A homophone is a type of homonym in the loose sense of that term (a word which sounds or is spelled the same as another). (The strict sense of homonym is a word that both sounds and is spelled the same as another word.) A homograph is a word with the same spelling as another but a completely unrelated meaning. Homographs are not necessarily homophones. See homonym § Usage notes for examples.

Derived terms
number homophone
Related terms
homophonous (adjective)
±words with the same pronunciation
See also
Appendix;English dialect-independent homophones

Euler diagram of choice semantic relations.
Nyms (with category [cat] if any)
Noun (cat) Sound Spelling Meaning phone/graph
homonym same same different homophone & homograph
heteronym (cat) different same different heterophone & homograph
homophone same different different homophone (cat) & heterograph
alternative pronunciation different same same heterophone & homograph
synonym different different same heterophone & heterograph
alternative spelling same different same homophone & heterograph
identical same same same homophone & homograph
distinct different different different heterophone & heterograph

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The forehead girl

By Anonymous | Updated 04/11/24(Thu)04:29:02

The forehead girl

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By crudehumour223@gmail.com | Updated 04/12/24(Fri)23:31:00

"did i ever tell you that my parents actually disliked me?"
"bye then!"

Your fortune: Godly Luck

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Lick it

By Brisket | Updated 04/14/24(Sun)14:10:59

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