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i'm so 2008

By Anonymous | Updated 03/16/23(Thu)19:01:24

i'm so 2008

i'm so 2008
you're so 2000 & late

you're on page ate

Your fortune: Very Bad Luck
im a 90s >>10676486
pls marry me right the fuck now
If I had to relive any specific year forever I'd probably choose somewhere from 2007-2013 >>10676486
gotta get that boom boom boom

Your fortune: Better not tell you now
all your bumps belong to us >>10677236
dubs checked
2005 1995-1999 oh yeah?
it's so clear now im understanding >>10677236
I absolutely love this image, it is one of my favorites....... I wish I could go to 2009! Or even better, 1999!!
and in the crush of the dark >>10678380
do you love it
I miss playing kanon before I went full schizo
how is it now that you have the schizo?
I can't enjoy anything
do you experience delusions and if so, are they persecutory, grandiose, referential, nihilistic, or somatic? i wonder what sort of hallucinations you experience.. i know the thing that makes psychosis psychosis is the inability to tell what's real, to oversimplify
forgot pic lole
what draw from the conclusion that there's dubs
I've had... most of those
wont go into detail since the meds are working well and I don't want to trigger anything
i getchu,,, im wishing for your future happiness, fren~
i know how hard it is to recover after it starts to progress, so im proud of you for coming this far at least <3
I feel like calling things 'epic fail' and 'tryhard' maybe I'll even throw in a 'lolz so randumb' >>10679261
and in the crush of the dark
fumble having sex with you on school grounds is not what scares me, i would hug you anywhere in the world. but why should we have to do it in the library?

Your fortune: Better not tell you now
>>10679621 eating bread with teto~

Your fortune: Excellent Luck
where is that from
>>10680588 (dubs)
idek lole just googled 「よしよ〜し」and that was one of the pics that came up
duddeeee hahahahh spot on mate :D so uh, late night coffee before dozing off?
So interesting how cultures changes from year to year. I wonder if people will just end up forgetting certain trends, then people will bring up something like the 80s, and all of a sudden you have a huge 80s craze again in a short period of time. You can’t have all these trends when they are pretty much just derivative of each other. You can probably make a shirt a million ways but not one way will be original. >>10680928
how are they derivative of one another
Well, stemming from the politics and technological changes of the time, you can feel the cultural shifts from year to year, but in the end they are all kinda the same. I understand there are distinctive styles but really in the age of the microchip, technology and our world in general will be mostly utilitarian from hereon. It’s sad because you had the 70s and 80s with machines being these huge and chonky pieces of metal, to the more stylized 90s that focuses on sleekness. And then you have the 00s where from there on out since the smartphone is where it is almost invisible. If we get sci-fi a-la serial experiments lain, the internet will be congruent with nature and seemless. Which unfortunately does not add a lot of room for artistic interpretation.
i'm not 2000s & late :( >>10680944
okay thank you, I see what you mean! like, what's your favorite style? what's the aesthetic of your picking? hwhat is jt
nah, i can feel a heavy pulse in my nose from the large dunkin donuts coffee, the scoop of bucked up preworkout, and ofc the hispanic instant coffee i had before my 12hr overnight shift, but it's all straight tho
two same numbers!!!
oh no your blood pressure mudt be high
yeah im probably about to have a heart attack and taking 5 hits on my thc vape and two scoops of preworkout to get myself into csgo probably didn't help lole, nice double dubs
please don't play cs joe D:
people irl play it so i gotta assimilate or die lole
my roommate just got into warzone and i was considering playing with him on that and also apparently destiny 2 is also on the table lel
>>10681257 >>10681258
I mean you're into anime you're supposed to know better than that. team fortress has a lot of weebz in it so why not play that
i got one of the guys in question into kanon and he watched tamako market and chuunibyou all on his own while i got his gay brother into lain and madoka and cardcaptor sakura, latter one he got into for like the touya x yukito ship bcuz he recognized it lole
but fr tho, i tend to only ever play fps games with others, otherwise, it feels like opportunity loss >>10681000
I like 00s water based aesthetic

Your fortune: Excellent Luck
don't say that it's cancerous
i like that boom boom pow
them chickens jackin my style

Your fortune: Better not tell you now
They try to copy my swagger
I’m on that next shit now
dansamedossklapparerahändergörsomvigörtavarastegåtvänsterlyssnaochlärmissaintechansennuärvihärmedkaramelldansen >>10680944
Weww, stemming fwom the powitics and technowogicaw changes of the time, u can feew the cuwwtuwwaw shifts fwom yeaw to yeaw, buwt in the end they awe aww kinda the same. I uwndewstand thewe awe distinctive stywes buwt weawwy in the age of the micwochip, technowogy and ouww wowwd in genewaw wiww be mostwy uwtiwitawian fwom heweon. It’s sad becauwse u had the 70s and 80s with machines being these huwge and chonky pieces of metaw, to the mowe stywized 90s that focuwses on sweekness. And then u have the 00s whewe fwom thewe on ouwt since the smawtphone is whewe it is awmost invisibwe. If we get sci-fi a-wa sewiaw expewiments wain, the intewnet wiww be congwuwent with natuwwe and seemwess. Which uwnfowtuwnatewy does not add a wot of woom fow awtistic intewpwetation.
the hate
rise up
in me
This should be us rn
xd dude where do you get these images from I want to join in on the fun too like what website do I go to xD
Wow anon, you’re so talented. Come give daddy a smoochie smooch *awwwwllllll*
Yeah ik I'm a reddit or B)
special friend two thousand and three >>10680928
Wait till you realize a lot of the shifts are engineered
say something that will make me self-conscious
I want to go back to 2008 where is my time machine 2013 >>10683704
Having so many dogs must be complicated, exhausting, and chaotic.
yeah pets are shit and animals in general suck
pets are shit. animals suck
animals are useless 2013 two thousand and thirteen pop! that's right >>10685464
my peak
yeah precisely 2013 was the best year Jesus Christ take me back to two thousand and thirteen but retain my mind and memories please I want to go back I'm in so much pain, I'm begging you God please
WRONG LYRICS!!! it's 3008 you goose

fortune decides if i practice ramadan or i stay fatmode
2013 was love and truth...it was love and...well it was the truth
pikadancen >>10685709
i feel your pain
i felt so alive and had so many new experiences
... and a few bad choices... after that it was downhill
nuff said. love and truth, the love and also - the truth
spot on mate, spot on D=
Dear God, Go back the sewer you belong. an act of blasphemy and sacrilege right there, having the audacity to malign God like that. although I do have to admit that is expected from a lowlife as miserable, repulsive and worthless as you who belongs in the sewers because u begged me to be friends with me but I refused cuz ur boring unfunny and u suck lmao go back to plebbit you fucking nigger rekt ez lmao you begged me to be your friend hahahah what a loser lmao ur too boring and dumb for me go back to >>b lole xD true >>10685756
i love your bbc posting and the abuse is kinky too

i hope you reconsider being me friend because we could have mutual masturbation sessions to 90's style vhs hentai and do retro faps in my moms basement
i once heard someone say the beatles would lock themselves up in a dark room together and sit real close to each other and jerk off naked which I deem credible because the beatles and queen and ac/dc is shitty music for fucking niggers
we can be shitty and for niggers too anon! it's called bbc! it's what gives life its splendor! BBC ANON! YOU AND ME, BBC!
>>10686167 and turn the page of a story 2013 I love 2013 2013 was when i stopped talking to this one girl who moved away and started crushing on a ukranian immigrant who barely spoke english.. she might've liked me too, but only briefly and eventually moved on to a couple other dudes..
all i know is i would've liked 2013 better without her, but really it was my superstitious views on relationships at the time that screwed me over harder
decent music at least
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GUl9_5kK9ts >>10687258
so what were the superstitious views on relationships that you've had
that you shouldn't date until you're ready to propose marriage to your beloved and that you should ask god first if the person who has caught your fancy is the one and then ask her father for her hand in marriage and then propose to her go straight from fucking just being friends to hey bitch wanna be my wife for the rest of your life? also did you know dating is an ungodly replacement for marriage? if you want anything less than a spousal relationship from a woman you are nothing less of a predator and a user, fuck you for catching feelings, just let it burn in your chest and be friends until you are entirely ready to give her and your future kids the same quality of life you grew up with.. also, i was homeschooled, so it took me way too long to realize this was as retarded as it sounds
it's not retarded. also Christianity is about not harming people, not hurting anyone. so dating isn't wrong per christinity

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